As you go through life, you inevitably accumulate stuff. You fill up your closets, then your basement, and then the corners of your room. All of a sudden, you feel the weight of your stuff.


Your family might expand, and your spare bedroom becomes the baby’s room. Perhaps you need to work from home and need a quiet space free of clutter. You have the perfect space in the basement, but that is full of stuff you just don’t want to get rid of. What do you do? You certainly could buy a bigger house, remodel your existing spaces, add on a shed, or get rid of stuff.


You could free up room by storing stuff in a portable storage container. They are the perfect choice to handle the extra stuff you can’t bear to part with.

What can I store?

Anything can be put into long-term storage. Here are some examples:

Family heirlooms

Let’s say you inherited your Grandfather’s set of tools. You don’t know where to put them, and definitely don’t want to get rid of them. Placing them in a portable storage container is the perfect solution.


That build project that you have in your garage, but don’t have the time to complete? Place it in a portable storage container until you are ready to continue the project.


If you are downsizing but can’t bear to part with items you might want someday, a portable storage container is a great option until you have some room again.

Remodel/restoration projects

Are you remodeling your basement or kitchen? When you need to clear out the space completely and either don’t have an extra room or garage to store the things from that room, and you don’t want to trip over things for the next few months, putting everything non-essential in a portable storage container is a perfect option.

Seasonal Decorations

Do you love Christmas and Halloween and elaborately decorate your home? Perhaps you have a haunted house display each year or have an inner Clark Griswold at Christmas. Storing statues, lights, and other décor takes up a lot of space. A portable storage container can keep these items offsite until you need them.

Getting ready for a move

If you are planning a move in the future and have time to get organized, you can have a portable storage container delivered to your property in advance. As you sort your belongings, you can place the items you choose to keep, but don’t need till after the move, into the container.

If you are putting your home on the market, you want to get rid of the clutter and create a minimalist look for potential buyers. Placing items in a portable storage container will keep them safe, get them ready for the move, and make your home feel more spacious and welcoming.

Office Moves, Inventory Storage

Office space can be expensive. You want to use available space for productivity. Instead of renting square feet for storage, a more cost effective option is using a portable storage container.

Do you have an inventory of sales materials for a convention, or perhaps supplies for items? These can be stored offsite till you need them. If your business requires storage of large amounts of paperwork, consider storing documents in a secure portable storage container.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a million reasons to store stuff.

There are several options available for storage, but portable storage containers have distinct advantages.

Why are portable storage units the best choice?

  • You load and unload your stuff once. A permanent self-storage place requires you to rent a truck or trailer, pack it in the truck, transport it to the storage facility, unload it, repeat when you want to move it again. There is more chance for damage.
  • Your stuff is stored in a temperature controlled, safe secure environment.
  • You have access to your stuff whenever you need.
  • When you need your stuff back, it can be dropped back into your driveway where you can access it at your leisure
  • Depending on the zoning restrictions of your neighborhood, you can keep the portable storage container in an easily accessible place on your property.

Stop drowning in your stuff! Portable storage containers are an easy, affordable option to create space in your home.

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